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Passion for Quality
Millions DIY enthusiasts worldwide use FERM’s machines. These products are known fort heir quality and competitive prices. Machines should be 100 per cent safe and reliable. This is FERM’s philosophy.

FERM’s passion for high end products for the best value for money started early. The company FERM was founded by the Bakker family in the Netherlands in 1965. FERM is translated in Dutch as strong and firm.

Safe and affordable
In order to keep quality affordable, FERM decided to outscource their production to Asian manufacturers since the early 80s. With this, FERM was a trendsetter and surpassed many by taking this big step. Due to these years of experience FERM knows exactly how to deliver the perfect machine. Furthermore, FERM24 gives as one of the few a standard three years warranty.

Enviromentally aware
FERM is environmentally aware, this is amongst other seen in the packaging, durability of the machines and FERM’s code of conduct.

Advanced Dutch design
Various Dutch top designers helped FERM shape the tools. For this reason, FERM’s machines are both useful and very beautiful.